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  • Direct-drive wind turbine / variable-speed

SWT-3.0-108, SWT-3.2-108, SWT-3.4-108

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Direct-drive wind turbine / variable-speed

The SWT-3-2-108 from Siemens has a sensible design that is not too complicated and is combines a larger rotor and design setup to make it active. It uses a B53 quantum blade on a 108m rotor with a better blade design. Siemens made this unit for better energy output to keep it active without forcing the structural load to be too heavy.

It reduces the costs of energy and can work with three blades mounted upwind on the tower. The unit uses pitch regulation to control the amount of power coming out of the unit. This has a variable rotor speed that can be used to adjust the aerodynamic features of the setup.

It uses fiberglass-reinforced epoxy blades that are made with the IntegralBlade setup and has a sensible body.


  • Technology: direct-drive
  • Other characteristics: variable-speed
  • Power: 3600 kW (4827.68 hp), 3400 kW (4559.48 hp), 3200 kW (4291.27 hp)
  • Blade diameter: 108 m (354' 4")

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