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  • Direct-drive wind turbine / variable-speed

SWT-3.0-101, SWT-3.2-101, SWT-3.4-101

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Direct-drive wind turbine / variable-speed

SWT-3.0-101 is a wind turbine rotor with three cantilevered blades that are mounted on its tower. It has a power output controlled through pitch regulation. It has a variable rotor speed and has been specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of its aerodynamics.

The wind turbine has B49 fiberglass blades that are reinforced in epoxy during the Siemens' IntegralBlade manufacturing process. Here the blades are cast in one piece, thereby preventing the occurrence of weaker areas at glue joints. The pitch bearings of the blades mean feathering to 80 degrees is possible during shutdown operations.

Each blade is provided with a separate pitching mechanism, making them suited for feathering under any condition. Moreover, the arrangement of its blades allows optimization of the power supply whatever the range of operation, and minimized wind loads when the blades are at standstill.


  • Technology: direct-drive
  • Other characteristics: variable-speed
  • Power: 3400 kW (4559.48 hp), 3200 kW (4291.27 hp), 3000 kW (4023.07 hp)
  • Blade diameter: 101 m (331' 5")

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