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G128-4.5 MW / G128-5.0 MW / G132-5.0 MW

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Wind turbine

Gamesa comes up with an offshore technique by enhancing a G128-5.0 MW and G132-5.0 MW Offshore wind turbine. Gamesa 5.0 MW uses an expert technology as well as the functioning expertise built-up and offers high dependability and maximum price of energy.

Additionally, Gamesa also plans on enhancing a greater ability offshore turbines (7 MW-8 MW) in the medium to long term. The G128-5.0 MW Offshore and G132-5.0 MW Offshore consists of a 128 m and a 132 m. rotor diameter, respectively with a modular and repeatable structure that guarantees dependability and optimum energy generation.

The major highlights of this product are modern and dependable solution, maximum energy price, adaptation to seawater habitats as well as technology development.


  • Power: Min.: 4500000 W (6034.6 hp)

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