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  • Downdraft table

1 - 3 HP, 70 - 79 dBA | DTH-800

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Downdraft table

Features & Benefits

- Integral collection area and work surface: Draws contaminants away from workers? breathing zone without hindering movement; easily moved to any location in facility.
- Direct-Drive Blower: Higher static pressure, longer filter life and greater reliability; spark resistant; no belts or pulleys to replace.
- Non-electrostatic operation: High reliability, low maintenance.
- Ultra-Seal® filter mounting: Eliminates contaminant bypass of filters.
- Low profile cabinet Easy access speeds filter changeout and maintenance.
- Vibra-Pulse® Filter Cleaning System: Cleans filters 75% more effectively than reverse pulse systems.
- Dust Drawer: Easily remove external dust drawer with positive level lock.


- Pressure Gauge Kit: Indicates when filters require cleaning.
- Regulator
- Silencer: Reduces noise by up to 6 dBA.
- Custom Cartridge Media: For specific applications.
- After-Filters: 99.97% HEPA, 95%, and odor-control modules.
- Center Divider and Side Shields: Improves collection efficiency; eliminates contaminant migration.
- Enclosures and Lighting: Enhances work area; encourages productivity.


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