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  • Ergonomic workstation / laser for materials processing

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Ergonomic workstation / laser for materials processing

Easily, quickly, inexpensively retrofit old ?beaters? as well as new benches.

Hubbell Workplace Solutions kits contain everything needed to assemble ergonomically sound fixed workstations or mobile productivity boosters.

SINGLE COLUMN KITS are the efficient and economical way to meet ergonomic requirements. Each kit is complete with 180 degree swing or fixed boom, safety hook or balancer trolley and Universal Bracket for mounting everything from an air line fitting to peg board.

DUAL COLUMN WORKSTATION KITS include two straight or one curved tool rail, your choice of three mounting base styles and in a range of heights to fit virtually any bench and any task yo


  • Type: ergonomic
  • Applications: laser for materials processing

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