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  • Lectern workstation / laser for materials processing


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Lectern workstation / laser for materials processing

The FA-LIT (pronounced "F-A-Light") was specifically designed with the Semiconductor Failure Analysis Lab in mind. This system utilizes and incorporates industry standard testing methods to solve the problems faced everyday in the Semiconductor Industry. The FA utilizes a patented laser process with multiple laser configurations and wavelengths to provide clear and precise samples for every type of application. The FA-LIT allows a safer, faster and more accurate method for Failure Analysis applications processing.

Layer-By-Layer Decapsulation
Decapsulation (Decap) is a process that most Failure Analysis labs use on a routine basis. The FA-LIT uses our patented laser technology to allow an operator to remove individual layers of the mold compound all the way through the lead frames to the substrate. The entire process is 100% controllable by the operator through our Graphic User Interface. The FA-LIT laser can accurately remove the entire compound, individual layers, or sections of the mold compound (operator defined). The FA-LIT offers a safe and more accurate process for IC decapsulation.


  • Type: lectern
  • Applications: laser for materials processing

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