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  • Rapid zero-point clamping cylinder / countertop / round


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Rapid zero-point clamping cylinder / countertop / round

The KNP-5-06-001 is a multiple coupling system which performs as the interface for media transmission between the fixture pallet and the loading and unloading station. The structure of the system is based on the coupling elements which are integrated in a common plate.

The model can be used with rotary couplings to suit various applications. It also enables various coupling elements to be combined. A depressurized or pressurized coupling function is also built into its design. The unit is varied, as it is designed with four nominal diameters. It also allows the transfer of liquid, gaseous media, and vacuum. Additional functions can also be integrated in the machine.

The unit is designed for engineering, such as handling technology and robotics, and in the construction of molds and dies.


  • Type: rapid zero-point
  • Mounting: countertop
  • Configuration: round

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