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  • Zero-point clamping system

12 - 60 bar, 1.5 - 40 kN

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Zero-point clamping system

Integrating Zeropoint Quickclamping System on production machines, the time of fixture change will be reduced up to 90%.
The Zeropoint Quickclamping System allows pallets, fixtures, tools, vices or workpieces (?) to be changed with a definite
reference of a Zero point, within a matter of seconds - to a 2 microns repeatability - to a 104 KN holding force. A receiver is
placed on the machine and each fixture is fitted by a cheap ?clamping nipple?. These drop into the holes on the receiver and
the fixture is pulled back with enormous force and high accuracy. The reduction of the change time of single parts as well as
series parts is a constant request from the industrial suppliers! By the reason that many customers require flexibility from suppliers
and the ability to produce quickly, easily and cost-effectively. This puts increasing importance on fixture changeover.
Without Zero Point Systems equipments, the suppliers have to research and develop always new fixtures because of the growing
number of new products on the market, such as the high number of new car?s models , launched every year. The traditional
clamping fixtures are specified only for one type of product. By consequence, they are not adjustable, important
feature when a complete replacement of the fixture and an adjustment of the production machine is needed or when a new
system is requested for a new series. Moreover, thanks to our Zeropoint Quickclamping Systems, during the assembly,


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