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TRIAG oppSystem

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Zero-point quick clamping station

The TRIAG Zero-point Palleting System
The OPP (Zero Point Palleting) System represents an ideal interface between machining table and the workholding device. The receiver chuck is installed on the machine table. This chuck may consist of one, two, four, six or more receiver nuts. Onto these air operated reliever chucks, a pallet, a fixture or a vise is mounted within a matter of seconds. On the bottom surface of the workholding devices centering rings are inserted. These centering rings are ground to a very high accuracy, permitting the locking down of the workholding device with a repeatability of 0.002 mm on all three axes.

The chucks are locked by spring force and unlocked by compressed air of 6 Bar. This means that no hose connection is necessary during machining. Hydraulic pumps or hydraulic amplifiers are superfluous.

The patented OPP System allows 750'000 locking and unlocking cycles without loss of positioning accuracy. If necessary, the changing of the pallet may be accomplished by a robot or a handling system. Thermal expansion is compensated for by the spring loaded centering units. Due to the unique OPP System, it is possible to bring the loading and unloading of the actual workpiece out of the machine which guarantees a maximum of productive machine time.

Maintenance is simple as all components are easily accessible and replaceable. There are standard receiver checks and pallets available with two or four receiver units.


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