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  • Zero-point quick clamping station
  • Zero-point quick clamping station
  • Zero-point quick clamping station

4 - 15 kN | VERO-S NSE plus

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Zero-point quick clamping station

The VERO-S quick-change pallet system from SCHUNK is the new benchmark in precision and economy in machine tools. It is more efficient, faster and more precise. The clamping slides are closed via spring force and self-locked the clamping pins. The turbo function provides as a standard use for compressed air to increase the force in the spring packages and also at the piston surface. The turbo function is integrated in each module to allow considerably higher cutting parameters. When activated, it also supports the spring force for ensuring extremely high pull-down forces. This increases the pull-in forces by up to 4 kN (without turbo) and up to 15 kN (with turbo) for the highest machining parameters. Mechanical locking is done via the spring assembly and for self locking, it uses form-fit clamping.


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