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  • CNC machining center / 5-axis / vertical


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CNC machining center / 5-axis / vertical

The Sharp SVX- 500 vertical machining center is engineered to have unrivaled quality and outperform all other machines in its category. Sharp?s SVX-500 allows true 5-sided and 5-axis simultaneous machining. Unlike the 3-axis that requires a separate setup for cutting different sides of a part, the 5-axis machine requires the part to be set only once and rotated into a series of positions to machine each side without the need to reset the part. All major castings of the SVX-500 are analyzed using the Finite Element Method (FEM) to locate areas of stress and strain, multiple loading conditions from thermal, gravity, centrifugal and enforced displacement. Ribs locations are properly defined to maintain rigidity throughout the entire machine. The 5-axis is constructed using the box-in-box design to assure accuracy and rigidity under different cutting conditions.


  • Control type: CNC
  • Number of axes: 5-axis
  • Spindle orientation: vertical
  • X travel: 600 mm
  • Y travel: 810 mm
  • Z travel: 500 mm
  • Rotational speed: 15000 rpm (94247.78 rad.min-1)
  • Power: Min.: 15 kW (20.12 hp)

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