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  • CNC machining center / 5-axis / vertical / high-speed

750 X 560 X 560 mm | MU Tech 6

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CNC machining center / 5-axis / vertical / high-speed

The MU TECH is a versatile milling centre that responds to the many demands emanating from mechanical trades. Bringing up revolution in 5-Axis machinery technology Jyoti CNC has launched MU Tech series of Machine. Enabling a big machinery capacity yet with small envelop in foot space. It has std. 12000 RPM built in motor with capacity of (x/y/z : 750*560*560) and a B-Axis having rotation from +30 Deg to -120 Deg

Key Features

The frame accommodates all axes of movement. The 1000 x 600mm table travels up to 560 mm vertically. A transverse saddle with a 750 mmstrokeis surmounted by a ram travelling up to 560 mm. All structures are madeof heavily ribbed cast iron ensuring a highlevel of machining stability, thanksto the excellent damping capacities of thematerial, and geometric stability asaresult of the symmetric architecture.

Axis movements are produced byhigh-performance ballscrews and all travel is controlled by encoders. Maximumlinear speed is 30 m/min.


  • Control type: CNC
  • Number of axes: 5-axis
  • Spindle orientation: vertical
  • Other characteristics: high-speed

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