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  • Mobile workstation / medical / data
  • Mobile workstation / medical / data
  • Mobile workstation / medical / data


Article: 00146661

Mobile workstation / medical / data

Healthcare services computer workstation trolley

Designed to house a computer workstation and medical trolley
Computer fixings used to render the trolley secure
Integrated layout reduces the risk of damage, loss or theft

Characteristics :

Structure in 15/10 steel, comprising a screen mounting plate fitted to a stem, in turn attached to a base.

Upper section :

Movement: Screen & keyboard shelf can be simultaneously adjusted vertically using the centrally-mounted handle and release pin. Four height settings available.
Screen mounting plate designed for LCD monitors.
Worktop designed for a keyboard, mouse and barcode reader.
Centrally-mounted handle integrated into the worktop.

Stem :

Tube steel with a rectangular cross section.
Connectivity: cable run within the stem itself.
Securely fixed to the base.
Designed to be fitted with up to six optional storage fittings, attached to a support frame.
Optionally: Lithium battery compartment behind the stem.


  • Type: mobile
  • Applications: medical, data

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