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Modular workstation

Today, stand-alone solutions combining workstation and disposal unit are often the preferred choice because they flexibly accommodate for the frequent relocation of workstations in a changed work flow. No pipework is required for this solution, and it can be extended without any problems. The HANDTE MF-OSK systems are ideal for this plant type. The modular-design cabins are highly variable.

The Handte MF-OSK dry filter system meets 2 functions in one element. The extraction vents for collection of the smoke/dusts generated during machining are integrated in the door of the filter aggregate. Thus, this dry filter module can be installed flush in the wall of a work cabin. Extension is easy as this is a "Plug & Work system. Grit is pre-separated by baffle plates installed in the door element. MF-OSK units can be controlled either by means of decentrally integrated control cabinets or one central control cabinet. In case of carcinognic dusts, the purified air can be recirculated to the workroom in compliance with the TRGS (German Technical Regulations for Hazardous Substances). Optionally, a post-filter stage can be installed for applications which are subject to stricter safety requirements or more demanding statutory regulations.


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