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  • Sample preparation workstation / laboratory
  • Sample preparation workstation / laboratory

VERSA 10, VERSA 1100 Gene

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Sample preparation workstation / laboratory

For genomics research scientists who are looking to automate Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library and sample preparation, Aurora?s VERSA Gene is an open system that is compatible with various commercial kits, reagents and labware. It is highly scalable for different throughputs, walk-away time and budget. Aurora?s innovative modules are designed to tackle challenging steps of the NGS library and sample preparation protocols. The Magnetic Bead Vortex ensures homogeneous bead suspension for automated size selection. The 96-Tip Aspirator offers fast and efficient bead washing steps. The ReagentDrop bulk reagent dispensing module eliminates the need for tips during bead washing steps. Colectively, these unique features have been delivering reproducible high-throughput results and have already been validated by Dr. Dumur from Virginia Commonwealth University.


  • Applications: for sample preparation, laboratory

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