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  • Welding downdraft table / for grinding processes


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Welding downdraft table / for grinding processes

Our suction benches are designed into a versatility range of sizes and accessories to satisfy requests of suction use, filtration and welding or grinding fumes particles recovery, deburring, polishing of components and items with limited weights and measures, in addition to small manual thermal cutting operations.
The suction surface is realized in galvanized steel shook entirely removable, can be modified and personalized based on specific working process in industrial sector but also in little handicraft laboratories, welding or sheet metal working training structures( professional schools).
The suction benches are realized in galvanized steel for an exceptional money value and are complete of:
Plenum chamber- dust separator, killing ev. sparks chamber.
Filtering section with precleaner and pocket filters with efficiency F8, with an easy sideway removal to allow the cleaning and replacement.
Practical extractable chest for major slag collection and objects accidentally fallen in.
A work plan splitter to create a double working place ( only for benches of 2mt and 3mt).
Centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller.
Side exhaust silencer to allow a re-entry of purified air into the ambient.


  • Applications: for welding, for grinding processes

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