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  • Vibrating level switch / for liquids / single-point / compact


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Vibrating level switch / for liquids / single-point / compact


The general purpose level switch package provides reliable, high or low liquid level detection with a 16A compact relay controller for pump or valve control. The optional flash alarm brings attention to alarm conditions. Available in three level sensor technologies, select the sensor type based upon your application media. This polypropylene or PVDF liquid level switch package is broadly applied in bulk storage, sump and day tank level applications for high level control or low level control.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Broadly applied in chemicals and light weight oils

Vibration Level Sensor
Applied in wastewater with light coating or scaling

Buoyancy Level Sensor
Applied in clean water and non-coating chemicals

Polypropylene or PVDF single-point level switch package for corrosive liquids

Fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay

Offered in 3 sensing technologies for broad application coverage: ultrasonic, vibration & buoyancy

Polypropylene enclosure rated NEMA 4X with swivel base for conduit alignment

Optional strobe brings immediate attention to level alarm conditions

Invert switch changes relay state from NO to NC without rewiring


  • Technology: vibrating
  • Measured material: for liquids
  • Other characteristics: single-point, compact
  • Protection level: corrosion-resistant, fail-safe
  • Level range: 3 m (9' 10")
  • Process pressure: 10 bar (145.04 psi)
  • Process temperature: Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)

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