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  • Vibrating level switch / for liquids / vertical / stainless steel


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Vibrating level switch / for liquids / vertical / stainless steel

The level sensor is a switch LVL200 vibrating level limit switch that detects the preset in the system filling liquid having pinpoint accuracy (even in harsh operating conditions).

The measurement principle of the oscillating fork reacts to variations in density between the surrounding air and the liquid running independently of the tank material, the structure of the container or of the liquid concerned.

The robust sensor requires no calibration with the medium and operates without wear or maintenance.
The area of use of the sensor is limitless. It can be used as limit switches in tanks, storage containers and interim or to protect the pumps from running dry (thanks to the principle of universal measuring LFV300 and to its flexible design).
There is a version for vertical mounting (up to 6 meters).
A wide range of flanges, wires and hygienic connections allows customers specific solutions.

This vibrating level switch is suitable for hygienic applications and can be cleaned with CIP and SIP processes.
Versions are also available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in order to avoid overflow (in accordance with WHG) and marine certification.


  • Technology: vibrating
  • Measured material: for liquids
  • Mounting: vertical
  • Other characteristics: stainless steel
  • Protection level: explosion-proof, robust, IP67, IP66
  • Applications: for hygienic applications
  • Level range: 6 m (19' 8")
  • Process pressure: 64 bar (928.24 psi)
  • Process temperature: Min.: -50 °C (-58 °F)

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