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  • High-voltage detector / non-contact / pen-type
  • High-voltage detector / non-contact / pen-type

3.3 - 30 kV | TensION

Article: 00145976

High-voltage detector / non-contact / pen-type

The TensION, manufactured by SimcoIon, is a high-voltage detector which is used to check AC/DC Simco-Ion discharging and charging device. It provides information about the presence of a high voltage on the inosing emitters or charging points.

The detector can be tested by holding it at a distance from the ionising points/emitters. The red indicator in the plastic tip will light up if a high voltage is present.

Furthermore, the detector weighs 40 g and works at an ambient temperature of -10°C to +55°C.


  • Measured value: high-voltage
  • Other characteristics: non-contact, pen-type

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