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  • Voltage detector

600 V, CAT IV | C.A 740N, C.A 760N

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Voltage detector

Chauvin Arnoux test measurement voltage absence testers (VATs) C.A 740N and C.A 760N check for the absence of voltage in compliance with Edition 2 of the IEC 61243-3 standard workplace legislation on the protection and safety of electrical installations in compliance

These can provide removable leads and test-probe, accessories and the optional use of IP2X accessories. These unit are both easy to use and efficient. The C.A 740N and C.A redundancy voltage detection ensure proper operation.

For correct operation, the C.A 740N and C.A 760N have a redundancy voltage detection system and an auto-test function. They also feature IP65 protection rating so that they can be used in indoor and outdoor testing on all LV installations up to CAT IV 600 V.


  • Measured value: voltage

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