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Entube DE series

Article: 00146082

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±1500V input dynamic range on each terminal (line-to-line and line-to-ground)
±5V or ±10V output dynamic range (differential plus common mode)
DC to 25kHz frequency spectrum of operation
Sensor works without the need for a power supply
5000V withstanding surge voltage for 10 seconds
Designed for interfacing with differential input DAQs
Industrial grade casing, 100% electronic technology

The Entube-de series is a family of voltage transducers designed for high quality differential measurements in a very compact form factor, and without need for power supplies. This series covers the ranges of ±50V to ±1500V with up to 50kHz bandwidth and up to 0.2% of signal accuracy.
The Entube-de sensor operates as a differential divider RC-network with an anti-aliasing filter on its output. It generates a ±5V or ±10V scaled down version of the difference between the two input voltages, which can then be processed by a computer based measurement system.
The Entube-de is part of Verivolt?s sensing platform, which is aimed at allowing users to laid out multiple distributed sensors with a minimum of cabling required and no power supplies. This platform together with the Entube-de ultra-compact form factor, allows for very high channel densities, while delivering high performance for a low cost.


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