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  • Automatic distillation unit
  • Automatic distillation unit
  • Automatic distillation unit

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Article: 00145539

Automatic distillation unit

Intended use

? Determination of the volumetric alcoholic degree in wines, musts, beers
and spirit drinks of high graduation.
? Volatile acidity and sorbic acid.
? According to regulation CEE 2676/90 y CEE 2870/2000

? Distillation unit by steam dragging
? It has a steam generator automatically fed with distilled water, having an
electronic level control and automatic stop in the case of lack of water in
the container
? Safety thermostat
? Automatic stop when reaching 200 ml of distillate
? Manual levelling of the distillate to 200 ml avoiding adding distilled water
? Automatic stop of refrigerating water at the end of distillation
? Optical display of minimal & maximal level of water in the steam generator
and alarm
? Button to add distillate manually


  • Other characteristics: automatic

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