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Euroimpianti provides water demineralizers to install on our surface treatment lines, for a simple and automatic production and regeneration of the demineralized water necessary for various technological processes of pretreatment.

Water demineralizers are of ion-exchange type, provided in two or three columns, depending on system design and customer needs; it is supplied inside a palletizer convenient structure for its easy handling and transport.

The group has a minicomputer on which the reading of the water conductivity coming out of the demineralizer is continuously supplied, making easy the observation of the regeneration need for the ion-exchange columns. Regeneration which can be automatically programmed, at the achievement of certain conditions, always through the same control panel.

Ion-exchange water demineralizers are latest generation and compared to traditional plants offer:
reduction of process eluates (over 50% less), with respective storage costs reduction and possible disposal.
reduction of regeneration time of ion-exchange resins (only 60 min compared to the tradizionals 180-240 min), with respective productivity increase of the surfaces treatament lines.


  • Options: water for autoclaves

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