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  • Abrasive water-jet cutting machine / CNC
  • Abrasive water-jet cutting machine / CNC
  • Abrasive water-jet cutting machine / CNC

725 x 500 x 780 mm | MACE

Article: 00145809

Abrasive water-jet cutting machine / CNC

Environmental exposure over the time has chemical and/or physical effects on ammunition and often leads to a critical in-situ situation of the UXO. Conventional Render Safe Procedure (RSP) is very often not feasible without contacting or shifting the UXO and therefore is considered as not secure. In such situations repeatedly it came to severe accidents with death tolls. Hence safety of transport to carry-off for final removal is also not given. Therefore in such cases blasting the UXO is so far used as a final RSP causing partly heavy collateral damages.

In this context, ANT has developed its MACE Series. The mobile units allow to remove or deactivate the fuse remotely, risk-free and safe by using the WAS Technology and specially designed manipulation systems. The deployment of this technology around the globe has become state of the art today and is an accepted RSP world-wide.


  • Technology: abrasive water-jet
  • Control type: CNC

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