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  • Water-jet cutting machine / robotic
  • Water-jet cutting machine / robotic

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Water-jet cutting machine / robotic

The Axiome Robotic Water Jet Cutting Machines are popular because they can cut across a wide-range of materials with equal efficiency. With more than 26 years of experience in the field, Axiome brings technologically advanced water jet cutting processes to the industry. These machines work on a range of materials, such as thin and soft materials like plastics, carpets, foams, rubber; hard materials such as steel, aluminum, glass, marble and many more. They leave no thermal impact on the material they cut. They use one or several robots with the capacity to work 24/7, making them perfectly suitable for small, medium and large applications.

The Axiome Water Jet Cutting machines are designed to answer all types of production needs. Users also have the option of installing the necessary peripherals on the machines, depending on their specific production needs. The machines offer both manual or automatic loading and unloading of parts, through drawer, rotating table or double transfer systems.

The company stocks all types of spare parts at all times. A High-Pressure department is solely dedicated for customer service.


  • Technology: water-jet
  • Treated material: rubber, for composites, foam, plastics, for carpets
  • Other characteristics: large-format, robotic, small-format

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