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  • Water-jet cutting machine / CNC / portable

max. 3 000 bar | MultiJet series

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Water-jet cutting machine / CNC / portable

Calder industrial specification MultiJet units are designed and certified to undertake industrial market, onshore high and ultra high pressure waterjetting applications in non-hazardous area locations around the world and are constructed to allow operation in refinery and petrochemical plant environments, construction and civil engineering sites or nuclear facilities.
Whatever your industrial application the MultiJet can be safely used for UHP coating removal and surface preparation, heavy duty internal pipe cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning and waterjet abrasive cold cutting of tanks, pipes and decks and other materials. As it is a dust-free technique, it allows other adjacent activities such as painting and lagging to continue, minimises the waste stream created, reduces clean-up time, is not weather dependent and when used in surface preparation operations is proficient at exposing the original profile without further erosion and guarantees the highest level of cleanliness of all surface preparation methods. Ancillary vacuum equipment can be used in conjunction with water jetting technology to contain all washings and contaminants.


  • Technology: water-jet
  • Control type: CNC
  • Other characteristics: portable

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