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  • Water-jet cutting machine / CNC

max. 3 210 x 6 000 mm | Primus 322, 324, 326

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Water-jet cutting machine / CNC

New Intermac range dedicated to waterjet cutting. Being able to process a virtually unlimited range of materials, regardless of the size of the number and size of material solutions, Primus 322-324-326 can adapt perfectly to different and specific production needs of various sectors. Primus 322-324-326 is easy to use, offers low maintenance and high productivity, to meet the most demanding applications in terms of flexibility, precision and performance. Primus combines performance and versatility of technology with the reliability and ease of use of Intermac solutions. In a few words, Primus makes an art of essentiality. Cutting is carried out by means of a supersonic waterjet, which is obtained by concentrating a flow of high pressure water through a hole that is adequately calibrated. The result is a consistent waterjet travelling at nearly three times the speed of sound (810 m/s). The waterjet can add abrasive or not depending on the material to cut. Waterjet systems allow flexible cutting of pieces with the most varied geometries and on a limitless variety of materials.


  • Technology: water-jet
  • Control type: CNC

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