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  • Water-jet cutting machine / fully-enclosed / 5-axis
  • Water-jet cutting machine / fully-enclosed / 5-axis

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Water-jet cutting machine / fully-enclosed / 5-axis

3-D cutting technology holds a special place and a significant meaning in fabricating industry. As a cold cutting method, APW 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine has its own irreplaceable feature.

In traditional waterjet cutting process, the cutting kerf is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom due to the backlash and energy loss of the jet. APW 5-axis 3-D cutting machine is a perfect solution for this problem. It will guarantee the verticality on the required edge, which greatly improves the cutting accuracy, reduces the cost and prolongs the service life.

Combine with the full enclosed structure, Full Enclosed 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine can effectively and largely reduces the noise. It also effectively avoids the water splashed out during processing, which supports a more comfortable working environment.


  • Technology: water-jet
  • Structure: fully-enclosed
  • Other characteristics: 5-axis
  • Cutting speed: Min.: 1000 mm/min (0.66 in/s)

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