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  • X-ray diffractometer / for powders
  • X-ray diffractometer / for powders


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X-ray diffractometer / for powders

Thermo Scientific* ARL X’TRA Powder Diffractometer with its X-ray optics can successfully provide resolution in regions where peaks can be observed down to 0.5°, mostly low angle areas. The ARL X?TRA instrument in the device has a Goniometer and a Peltier cooled Si(Li) solid state detector in attractive pricing. With more than 25 years of XRD experience and engineering excellence, the company can deliver remarkable results that can efficiently be used in academic research, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, polymers, thin films, semiconductors, metals and minerals. Peltier-cooled Si(Li) solid-state detector will help minimize coincidence loss and tune in high count rate.


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