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  • XRD diffractometer / X-ray
  • XRD diffractometer / X-ray

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XRD diffractometer / X-ray

Bespoke multi axis Diffractometers specifically designed and manufactured to form part of a high precision assembly for Synchrotron Radiation Facilities based on standard RPI rotary table designs.These instruments have been optimised for rapid data collection of powder samples in a variety of in situ experimental environments down to a 10?9 vacuum and are capable of being equipped with multiple detectors for simultaneous or sequential recording of diffraction.The Key Advantages;
Designed with reversible drive trains and multiple mounting faces our Rotary Stages offer the user the maximum flexibility whether used in isolation or as part of multi axis positioning system.
Specially designed gearing reduces wear characteristics over repetitive movements ensuring longer life with no compromise on sensitivity.
Components manufactured from high grade materials for ultimate strength and rigidity whilst achieving maximum weight savings.
Specialist bearings combine large through bores with high load carrying capabilities and exceptional geometry.
Rotary Stages can be fitted with standard brushless servomotors or steppers and utilising various gearbox types offering a wide range of gear ratios.
Encoders directly mounted to the axis of rotation for the best possible repeatability virtually eliminating hysteresis and backlash.
Various options and accessories available.


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