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  • XRD diffractometer / X-ray

ADXJ-500 3 kW

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XRD diffractometer / X-ray

ADXJ-500 is used as an analytical XRD instrument for materials with crystal structure.
The microprocessor controls the high voltage unit of the instrument and is responsible for the change in voltage and current of the electromagnetic shutter switch and X-ray tube.
System can detect the faults automatically and ensures high stability and maximum user safety.
Lead glass is used for making windows.

Dispersion dosage is lower than 1?Sv/h Dwlc-2.
X-ray tube is cooled by the circulatory water cooling system. This cooling system uses turbine compressors and the heat exchange equipment in addition to the purified & distilled water.
It can detect water flux and refrigerant pressure.
Rated output power of X-ray generator is 3kW.
Tube voltage ranges between 10 to 60 kV.
Tube current is 5-80mA and step stability is ?0.01%.


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