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  • X-ray diffractometer / high-resolution

Theta-Theta ADX2500

Article: 00144317

X-ray diffractometer / high-resolution

The ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction Instrument is designed for use in microstructure measurement, testing, and in-depth research investigations. It provides the analysis of single crystal, polycrystalline and amorphous sample, along with other types of analyses such as phase qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, pattern indexing, unit cell determination and refinement, among others. A seamless incorporation of the hardware and software allows the instrument to perform different types of analysis. Using a stable X-ray generator control system and the precision of its diffraction angle measurement, the model ensures that accurate data is gathered.

The ADX-2500 is composed of an X-ray generator, a goniometer, a record unit, and an integrated performance. An accompanying software enables general diffraction data processing tasks such as: automatic peak search, manual peak search, integral intensity, separation of K?1, ?2, background remove, pattern smoothing and magnifying, and others.


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