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  • Grinding motor spindle / drilling / milling / motorized

SYC 4041DC-S

Article: 00126962

Grinding motor spindle / drilling / milling / motorized

High Speed Spindle is designed for application in drilling, milling, grinding and engraving.

Brushless DC Motor Spindle with Automatic Tool Change

-Clamping Diameter: 45mm

-Speed Range: 5,000 - 50,000 RPM

-Voltage: 45 Volts

-Current (max.): 16 Amp.

-Torque (max.): 17 Ncm

-Frequency: 83 - 1000 Hz.

-Output Power (max): 1050 Watts

-Weight: 3.2 kg

-Front Bearing: 2 Hybrid (lifetime lubrication)

-Rear Bearing: 1 Hybrid (lifetime lubrication)

-Protection Category: IP 54

-Motor Protection: PTC - 100?C

-Load Direction: axial + radial

-Run-out (taper) = or
-Chuck Clamping Range: Ø1 - Ø6.35mm

-Tool Change: Pneumatic 7 -8 bar (hose Ø inner 4mm / Ø outer 6mm)

-Cooling system: via clamping bracket 4846

-Protected against dirt and cooling lubricant: Sealing air 0.5 - 0.8 bar (hose Ø inner 4mm / Ø outer 6mm)

-Housing material: Stainless steel

-Inverter Reccomendation: e@syDrive® 4426, TV 4506 (reduced output power)

Made by Sycotec in Germany

Warranty: 12 months


  • Function: grinding, drilling, milling
  • Drive mechanism: motorized
  • Other characteristics: with automatic tool changer, high-speed
  • Rotational speed: Min.: 5000 rpm (31415.93 rad.min-1)
  • Diameter: 45 mm

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