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  • Grinding pneumatic spindle / high-speed

PLANET series

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Grinding pneumatic spindle / high-speed

? A milling machine turns into a jig grinder by simply attaching? a boring head available on the market and PLANET.

? If PLANET is mounted on a bench lathe, this grinder can be? used as a precision internal grinder.

? PLANET can be used as a principal axis of an internal? surface grinding device. You can easily mount PLANET on a machine, so there is no need to buy a expensive high spec machine. If you use PLANET only when you need it, you can avoid idle time of a machine, and use a machine effectively and efficiently.

Rotation speed is 65,000min-1, spindle run out is within 1?m. Planet realize hign-precision jig grinding and mold machining.


  • Function: grinding
  • Other characteristics: high-speed
  • Rotational speed: Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)
  • Diameter: 20 mm, 19.1 mm

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