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  • High-speed motor spindle / heavy milling / turning

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High-speed motor spindle / heavy milling / turning

Duplomatic has faced a new challenge from a manufacturer on an ambitious project of
a multi-task machine with high performances in both milling and turning operations.
If the capability of Duplomatic electrospindles to perform hard turning-milling has been
proven on many multi-task applications in the last decade, for this new development
has been requested to produce a system with an high geometric accuracy in the
preloaded configuration (run-out and axial oscillation within one micron in a complete
This electrospindle has a cartridge configuration with a HSK63-T tooling and an asynchronous motor capable to supply a power of 25 KW with a continuous torque of
55 Nm (71 Nm in S6-40%) and a maximum speed of 15.000 rpm.
A special attention was paid to the analysis of the thermal deviation during run-in due
to the heat generation by the driving parts (built-in motor, bearings, seals, etc). In
particular, severe bench simulations have been made in which measures by noncontact
sensors have shown a max elongation of the spindle nose of 2-3 microns after having achieved the thermal stability.


  • Function: heavy milling, turning
  • Other characteristics: high-speed
  • Rotational speed: 15000 rpm (94247.78 rad.min-1)

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