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  • Worm gear gear reducer / orthogonal / for wheels

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Worm gear gear reducer / orthogonal / for wheels

The Engrenages HPC contains a wide range of worm and wheel double reduction gearboxes having ratios from 25:1 to 900:1. These are specifically equipped with an anodized aluminum housing, a steel worm, and a bronze wheel. This product can project a max. input speed of 3000 rpm, a max. output torque from 2.20 Nm to 34 Nm (depending on the model), and an output backlash of 2°. Moreover, this is lubricated through the use of a Shell Nerita HV grease.

Other key features include heavy-duty gearboxes, a special smooth surface, and a custom-made built versions.


  • Type: worm gear
  • Shaft orientation: orthogonal
  • Product applications: for wheels
  • Torque: Min.: 2.2 Nm (1.62

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