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  • Worm gear reducer / coaxial / low-backlash / precision

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Worm gear reducer / coaxial / low-backlash / precision

The R Series is a precision worm gear reducer developed specifically for driving our SANDEX units. It is designed to be mounted directly to the input shaft for a compact, accurate, lossless transfer of power. Adjustable preload minimizes backlash for smooth, even rotation. Sankyo reducers are fitted with responsive, durable clutch and brake units for frequent start/stop operation. These units also use the universally accepted Newman worm to ensure the best performance at all times.
Wide Product Lineup
Reduction ratio: 5 to 50, Maximum input speed: 1800 rpm
Designed to mount directly on the input shaft of a SANDEX for minimal footprint.
Optional Clutch and Brake Units
All reducers can be fitted with responsive, durable clutch and brake units.
Various Mounting Configurations Available
In addition to the different mounting positions for the housing, the mounting direction of the clutch and brake unit can also be specified.


  • Type: worm
  • Shaft orientation: coaxial
  • Performance: low-backlash, precision
  • Other characteristics: mounted, compact
  • Product applications: for shafts
  • Torque: Min.: 0.45 Nm (0.33
  • Rotational speed: 1800 rpm (11309.73 rad.min-1)
  • Power: Min.: 12 W (0.02 hp)

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