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  • Worm gear reducer / orthogonal / precision / maintenance-free

EJP series

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Worm gear reducer / orthogonal / precision / maintenance-free

Nidec-Shimpo's precision right-angle gearing options from the EJ series are servo grade speed reducers that are perfect for motion control applications. They fill the requirement for gearing options that are right-angle and needing high precision, Each series has a globoidal worm gear mesh design that helps reach the required torque handling capacity. The EJ Series advantages include a quiet operation, compactness, exact reduction ratios, high torsional rigidity and torque carrying capacity, reduced backlash, low weight, maintenance-free operation, and lifetime lubrication. The right-angle servo grade gearboxes are used in assembly and test systems, packaging equipment, metal cutting and metal forming machinery, and the general purpose automotive sector. The right-angle gearing options have a nice level of flexibility, product variety, and overall availability.


  • Type: worm
  • Shaft orientation: orthogonal
  • Performance: precision, maintenance-free
  • Product applications: industrial
  • Torque: Min.: 29 Nm (21.39
  • Rotational speed: 6000 rpm (37699.11 rad.min-1)

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