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  • Worm gear reducer / orthogonal / maintenance-free / for shafts

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Article: 00144763

Worm gear reducer / orthogonal / maintenance-free / for shafts

CHML worm gearboxes are manufactured in three sizes 40-50-63.
The torque limiter assures protection of the gearbox from overloads.
The torque limiter, in oil bath, is maintenance free.
The hollow output shaft diameter is the same of standard gearboxes.
Gearbox dimensions, external ring nut excluded, are unchanged.
Adjusted the torque limiter with the ring nut in accordance to application request.


  • Type: worm
  • Shaft orientation: orthogonal
  • Performance: maintenance-free
  • Product applications: for shafts
  • Torque: Min.: 3.8 Nm (2.8
  • Rotational speed: Min.: 23.3 rpm (146.4 rad.min-1)
  • Power: Min.: 0.09 kW (0.12 hp)

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