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  • Worm gear reducer / orthogonal / for wheels

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Worm gear reducer / orthogonal / for wheels

The worm-wheel gearboxes are featured by die cast aluminium, are available in 7 sizes which can be coupled to standard motors with B5, B14 or NEMA type flange. The standard basic version is equipped with output shaft hollow type , for a possible self-adaptative cantilever installation, with simple reaction arm. Thanks to their modular design , a lot of technical solutions are possible, differently combined: single or double solid output shaft, B5 output flange, installation on feet fit to the housing with screws.Additionally to the basic version other solutions are possible in order to get higher reduction ratios : two gearboxes in sequence or the fitting of a pre-reduction unit with cylindrical gears .In addition solutions with input shaft or coupling flange , without motor, are possible. The input power goes up to 7,5 kW and the output torque goes up to 651 Nm , according to the different sizes.


  • Type: worm
  • Shaft orientation: orthogonal
  • Product applications: for wheels
  • Torque: 1550 Nm (1143.22
  • Power: 7.5 kW (10.06 hp)

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