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  • Worm gear gear reducer / orthogonal / low-noise / multi-stage

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Worm gear gear reducer / orthogonal / low-noise / multi-stage

The Flender gear units for water screw pumps works in accordance to the principle of Archimedes encompassing the angle which are about 38°. These screw pumps are recommendable for pumping the liquids which are contaminated including those small solid particles. They rotate in an open concrete that are used for lifting water in sewage treatment and drainage plants.

The output shaft of the gear units transfers the torque toward the worm shaft through flexible coupling.

They provide advantages that includes low noise level, minimal vibration, monitoring support, dip lubrication, integrated package solution plus the high-efficiency performance allowing these pumps to be useful in all applications where water has to be lifted higher.


  • Type: worm gear
  • Shaft orientation: orthogonal
  • Performance: low-noise
  • Other characteristics: multi-stage
  • Product applications: for pumps
  • Torque: Min.: 5800 Nm (4277.86
  • Power: 10500 kW (14080.73 hp)

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