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  • Worm gear reducer / orthogonal / high-load-capacity / universal

Cat. A

Article: 00144592

Worm gear reducer / orthogonal / high-load-capacity / universal

The category A of Worm Gear Reducers from Rossi Habasit Group are equipped with an integrated forced ventilation and IEC motors. These tools feature an easy and functional shaft mounting system. The worm wheels of these devices are made from nickel bronze, with a controlled phosphor content. These features can achieve an enhanced performance even with 6 to 18% of high load. In addition, these equipment are efficient, and has reliable wear resistance.


  • Type: worm
  • Shaft orientation: orthogonal
  • Performance: high-load-capacity
  • Other characteristics: universal
  • Product applications: for shafts
  • Torque: 19000 Nm (14013.68
  • Power: Min.: 0.09 kW (0.12 hp)

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