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  • Absolute filter / for liquids / dust / in-line

FH3597 JetInk Filter

Article: 00005003

Absolute filter / for liquids / dust / in-line

A WPE filter designed for the protection of pumps in Ink Jet printing. Ensuring maximum protection and clarification of ink while maintaining the optimum flow.

Features and benefits

- Media is rated at absolute filtration for particles ? 40?m.

- Jaco connector allows for secure and easy fitting to tubing, maintaining performance. Additional connectors are available for a wide range of printers.

- Filters are tested to withstand up to 50 psi, allowing deployment
on high pressure lines.

- Specialist tampo printing technology allows us to incorporate
your logo onto the printing of the filter housing, offering brand
marketing opportunities that produce customer loyalty.

- WPE media is chosen for the excellent flow rate provided without
compromising protection from particulate removal, the resulting
quality of ink leads to better quality printing, and also ensures
successful printer operation is maintained.

- Ideally suited to the Continuous Ink Jet industry as a pre?pump


  • Designed for: for liquids
  • Type: absolute
  • Applications: dust
  • Other characteristics: in-line

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