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  • Cartridge filter / gas / respirator

EN148-1 | Pro 2 - Pro 2000

Article: 00005010

Cartridge filter / gas / respirator

Pro2000 Filters
Pro2000 filters are particularly suitable for use with the Half and Full face mask ranges and a selected number are approved for use with Scott Powered Respirators. Pro2000 filter canisters have a 40mm EN148-1 thread connection.
* Combination filters
* Gas filters
* Particle filters

Pro2 Filters
Particle, gas and combined cartridges from the Scott Pro2 range use a safety bayonet locking mechanism and feature unique protective covers with recessed inlet grilles. The covers protect the filters from splashes and sparks. Filters are positioned with the inlet grilles to the rear for good balance and an unobstructed field of vision.


  • Designed for: gas
  • Type: cartridge
  • Applications: respirator

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