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  • Desiccant filter / air / compressed air
  • Desiccant filter / air / compressed air
  • Desiccant filter / air / compressed air

200 - 950 scfm | PCS series

Article: 00004964

Desiccant filter / air / compressed air

Crafted from 304 stainless steel, PPC Series Filters stand up to critical applications and hostile environments that challenge common industrial grade filters. Designed specifically for use with PPC high performance air and gas filter cartridges, these filters can be used alone or as prefilters and afterfilters. These are standard equipment on most Pneumatic Products brand desiccant dryers. Known for durability and performance, PPC Series p rotects your compressed air and gas system and enhances dryer performance.

Simple top-load design for easy filter cartridge access. No need to disconnect drain valve or other tubing when changing cartridges.
Stainless steel V-band locks cover to housing with captive seal for removal and attachment without tools.
Stainless steel construction for longer housing life under adverse conditions.
0-ring seals avoid leakage paths associated with tie-rod designs which permits contamination downstream.
Low housing pressure drop saves dollars (1 psi pressure drop costs, on average, $67 per year per 100 scfm at 6¢ per kWh).


  • Designed for: air
  • Type: desiccant
  • Applications: compressed air

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