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  • Compressed air filter / air / water / dust

1 000 - 40 000 l/min

Article: 00004965

Compressed air filter / air / water / dust

Line Filters from 1000 to 40.000l/min: Filtration range for dry air, free of oil and dust. The MARK filters extend the lifetime of your air distribution network and pneumatic tools.
Filter MARK

Atmospheric air contains in its origin impurities like dust, various forms of hydrocarbons and water in form of humidity, which once sucked by the compressors is compressed and delivered to the line together with eventual oily particles. These polluting agents, interacting among each other, may generate abrasive and corrosive emulsions which can:

damage the distribution lines increasing the leakage risk
reduce the efficiency and life span of the pneumatic devices
deteriorate the final product
limits the reliability of the production process and all its components


  • Designed for: for compressed air, air, water
  • Applications: dust
  • Other characteristics: in-line

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