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  • Air separator / condensate / oil / for compressed air

S series

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Air separator / condensate / oil / for compressed air

Atmospheric air contains large amounts of water vapour and dust particles.
These contaminants are mixed with the hot oil during the compression process to form an acidic, abrasive outlet contaminant.
Following the compression process the air is cooled causing large amounts of contaminated condensate to be formed.
To conform with current legislation this contaminated condensate must be treated before disposal.

Using a condensate separator, such as our S range, it is possible to separate and remove this contamination leaving water that can be simply discharged into the foul sewer.
Our goal is to offer you a condensate treatment system that is easy to install, with minimal operating costs, in order to minimise your "compressed air waste" treatment costs.
The Worthington S range of oil water separators will ensure that you care for the environment by complying fully with the most stringent environmental regulations.


  • Technology: air
  • Separated substance: condensate, oil, for compressed air
  • Applications: dust control

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