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Air filter / water / anti-odor

Carbon adsorption is a safe and efficient way to remove odours from air. Adsorbing carbon removes several organic and inorganic odour substances from the process air at waste water treatment plants. Hydrogen sulphide and ammonia are cost effective and efficiently removed. The filter takes up little space and the only moveable parts are placed in the fan. Meva OCS is an excellent alternative to chemical wet scrubbing and biotechnology.

Meva OCS contains catalytic activated carbon, distinguishing it from traditional carbon filters with untreated or only impregnated carbon. The advantage is that the carbon is not consumed when an odour substance, such as hydrogen sulphide, is adsorbed to the surface. Instead, the hydrogen sulphide is transformed through a catalytic oxidation without reacting with the carbon. This leads to a longer life time of the carbon.


  • Designed for: air, water
  • Applications: anti-odor

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