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Article: 00005012

Filter monitor

The B-SECURUS system monitors the saturation of the filter cartridge(s) by measuring the residual humidity of the compressed air in the molecular sieve of the P-filter system and outputs an "advance warning" on the display or compressor control indicating when the filter cartridge(s) should next be changed.

The service life of the cartridge(s) cannot be exceeded¹ because the advance warning signal draws attention to the saturation of the filter cartridge(s) in plenty of time.

Depending on the size of the compressor, the advance warning signal will be output approx. 1 to 7 hours before cartridge saturation. B-SECURUS automatically switches the compressor unit off if the cartridge is saturated and has not been changed.

Safety switch-off will also occur in the event of a cable break and if the B-SECURUS is not connected to the unit control.


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