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  • Strainer filter / Y / gas / heavy-duty
  • Strainer filter / Y / gas / heavy-duty

T-15, S-15

Article: 00005046

Strainer filter / Y / gas / heavy-duty

LEGEND MODEL T-15 and S-15 y-strainers are constructed of heavy duty bronze. They have a 20 mesh 304 stainless steel screen in sizes 1/4"-2" and a 1/16" perforated strainer in 21/2" and 3". The bronze retainer cap is gasketed and tapped for a closure plug (closure plug furnished). Install strainers upstream to protect valves, regulators, and meters, etc. from rust, pipe scale and dirt. Self cleaning can be accomplished by opening the valve or plug connected to the blow-off outlet.


  • Designed for: gas
  • Type: strainer, Y
  • Applications: heavy-duty
  • Material: bronze
  • Other characteristics: heavy-duty
  • Operating pressure: Min.: 150 psi

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